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Organic Clothing vs. Normal- Which is Better?

When first introduced to organic cotton as an option, a lot of us tend to wonder: What is the difference, and what are the benefits? Preference tends to come up, but you will notice the difference almost right away.


To produce organic cotton, a lot more care and consideration is taken. The land is detoxified, organic fertilizer is used, the seeds aren't treated with any fungicides or pesticides. Best of all? Because organic doesn't use the pesticides or herbicides, a lot of wildlife like frogs and snakes can dwell in peace. Good for the earth and her inhabitants!

The Material

The production side is great, but what about the product itself? Is there a difference?

Compare the feel of organic cotton to traditional. You'll notice that cotton is soft- but organic cotton is incredibly soft. Organic cotton is lightweight and breathable, and is perfect for any season. Even with a good wash, it retains its softness and form much better than a cheaper one you would get on the high street. Clothing is about comfort and style, so why not go for both and stick with organic?

When you buy a shirt from us, not only do you know that no animal's were hurt in the production, but you can also represent your ethics to the world. Shop organic t's at The Sierra Foxtrot Clothing.

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