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Read this if this is your first "Official Animal Rights March"

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

On Saturday the 11th of August 2019, thousands of passionate and compassionate people will descend upon London and other cities around the world with the demand for the recognition of the rights of animals. For many, this isn’t their first protest. For others, it is, or others just aren’t sure what to expect. Where you are a veteran demonstrator, or this will be your first protest, read some easy tips on how to be as effective as possible:


Making a Sign

Making a sign is the an effective way to spread the message during the protest. Be bold, be creative, and be clear! Keep word count low to ensure readability- but that shouldn't limit its design! This is another good time to wear your message on you. Activism can happen everywhere- paper signs not always necessary.

Remember- Protesting is about making your voice and message heard. You don't have to have the catchiest sign.


Be Loud - But Be Prepared

A Protester Makes a Chant at Animal Rights March
A Protester Makes a Chant at Animal Rights March

Protesting involves a lot of chants, shouting, and walking. Come prepared with the following items:

Megaphone (optional)

Ear Plugs


Cough Drops

Some snacks (Vegan, of course)


Come protest, with or without others!

Bring Friends

If you are a lone vegan marching, protesting can be a great way of meeting like-minded compassionate people. Networking can establish activism opportunities way beyond this march. If you know people, bring them along. Animal rights is a civil issue that must be awarded to the animals who have been abused by us. The more we work together, the more change we can accomplish. Let us all work together for a better ,more compassionate world!


Finally- Be Safe

Police are meant to protect protesters. Stay within the law- and know your rights!

Protesting is YOUR human rights. Protesting is legal, protected, and your responsibility in civil society. Protesting is important and effective at inspiring change. Protesting is not an excuse to break the law: be sure to abide by all laws. Civil disobedience has been just as effective in making change, but if you go this route remember there can be conseuqences. Regardless, never ever EVER do anything in violence. Animal rights must be championed peacefully. We must uphold highest standards while demanding change.

Regardless, it is vital to know your rights as a citizen and be aware of laws should police encounters happen. Remember to be respectful to all law enforcement, but know your rights to freedom of speech, assembly, and demonstrations.

Your Human Rights:

The Official Animal Rights March will continue to push the agenda of animal rights. We hope to see you there, as well as see you get involved in your local activists and groups.

See our blog on getting involved in activism to find out how you can do more for animals after this protest.

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