The Leaping Fox

Foxes have always been at the forefront of our brand. We love everything about them and what they represent. Sharing our urban world and thriving in it makes it easy to forget that they belong in the wild, in the deep forests and the few areas still left untouched by man.


Their resilience and the way we made them adapt to our presence are often ignored. We want to show their beautiful ways and how they bring that touch of nature, of the natural world to our concrete jungles. Foxes should be loved and celebrated and that’s why we collaborated with Lolazago to bring you “The Leaping Fox”. A simple design that depicts that beautiful and endearing wild side often taken for granted.


Printed on A3 Premium 350gsm paper with matte lamination.

The Leaping Fox

  • Printed on Premium 350gsm paper with matte lamination.

  • Lola Zago

    🌙 Brazilian cat lady living in Minnesota and doing her best to create something daily.

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